Charles Darwin and The Galapagos Islands.”The Wonder List” with Bill Wier


I previous recorded a show about traveling and thought I would record an episode of “The Wonder List with Bill Weir” .

The Galapagos Islands.

This wasn’t your typical boring TV travel show it was much better than I had anticipated! It’s like national geographic tv, world news, and conservational documentary had a baby and BOOM! The Wonder List was born.

It was Bill Weir’s mission that intrigued me to keep watching. His mission is to capture all the beautiful places of the world at this time and space because the world is forever changing and his hope that we as a human population will be able to enjoy the beauty (natural beauty) of this world. Who’s to tell if the Galapagos will still be intact with its majestic tortoises and its famous finch bird that Charles Darwin discovered so long ago.

It was interesting to learn that Charles Darwin started off as a sail mate to a Christian discoverer. This Christian discoverer was given the orders to sail off and discover the lands of the Galapagos. His mission was to prove that God was the sole reason that all living things were created in the 6 days. Because this Christian discoverer had a family history of suicide, he decided that he needed a partner to keep him sane. So off they sail to the islands. They quarrel so much that these two often had to be separated so Charles Darwin would go out to the islands to get his much needed space. It was during the heated breaks from his Christian discover partner that he began to formulate his own ideas that these living creatures were not just created by God but by evolution. As for the Christian discoverer he eventually killed himself and Darwin didn’t publish his survival of the fittest theories until a few years later. The rest was history.

Though survival of the fittest and natural selection are one in the same has happened in the past and is still happening apparently right in the same islands that Darwin had created these theories and because it’s human interaction with the islands long ago had caused such a mess ecologically, people today are dedicated to righting their wrong through their conservationist work. Human intervention in keeping the ecological balance is dangerous because a little bit of this can be too much of that and everything goes awry. But with the efforts of these special groups, we can try to undo some of the damage that was done so long ago and to some that is still happening today.

An important quote that stayed with at the end of the segment that touched me. It was when the story of the longest living tortoise had died and his care taker said When everything is lost, hope is the only thing left to lose”

And with that, never lose hope because when you think you’ve lost it, it’s hope that reminds you that still have something to hold on to.



Foodie Adventure: Halo-Halo Kitchen

📍Location: Halo-Halo Kitchen (Phoenix, Arizona)

🍴 Cuisine: Filipino

💲Price: 💵💵

📆Date: Tuesday, April 28th, 2015

📝Ordered:🍔 Spam Sliders and🍧Halo Halo

I was in the Phoenix area with my mom and decided to find a local Filipino food eatery. Yelped the word “Filipino” and up popped a few places and what caught my attention was the restaurant’s title, Halo-Halo Kitchen!

The restaurant is small but made me feel like I was back in Los Angeles at a filipino restaurant. Small filipino snack section, balikbayan boxes (a modern manifestation of the general Philippine practice of passalong, where travelers within or without the country are culturally expected to bring home gifts to family, friends, and colleagues.) snuffed at the back of the restaurants and the traditional filipino decor. I didn’t realize I was hungry until I saw all the delicious buffet like display at the front counter. From the steaming and sizzling and aromatic playing on all my “hunger senses” I could’t wait to get a taste of real authentic Filipino food.

I ordered the chicken empanada (not pictured because I devoured it before I could take a picture😅), Spam Sliders, and the Halo-Halo. The chicken empanada was small but delicious! It had the perfect outside buttery, flaky crust I was hoping for. Too bad I got the last chicken empanada because I would have definitely ordered more. The Spam sliders on the other hand were a bit disappointing. The spam wasn’t even cooked with a little crisp on the outside. The only good thing about the sliders was the bread because you can never go wrong with the King’s Hawaiian sweet bread. The grand finale to seal the deal was definitely the Halo-Halo. It was beautifully put together. From the top going down: a scoop of ube (purple yam) ice cream, a slice of leech flan (caramel custard) , crushed ice, sweetened condensed milk, evaporated milk, kaong (sweet palm fruit), macaroon (silky coconut strings) lanka (jackfruit), munggo (mung bean), saba (banana like plantain), nata de coco (coconut gelatin) and, pinipig (pounded dried rice). Although it’s been put together almost artistically, the way you eat this dessert is to (halo-halo) which translates to “mix-mix”. Once you mix everything together, you get a cool, refreshing, tasty treat!

My experience here was a good one and I will definitely be coming back to this place again! And most definitely will be back for some more “mix-mix”



Back from the “City That Never Sleeps”.

Places & Spaces in Las Vegas, Nevada

“A little bit of this place goes a very long way”. Hunter S. Thompson

Although I wasn’t able to complete my Bucket List of things to do, I was able to experience a different side of Vegas!

Things I did in Vegas:

Experience: Downtown Las Vegas. Fremont St. “Old Vegas” 



Made a wish by throwing a coin into Pegasus’ Fountain in Caesar’s Palace


Was read my fortune by the “Zoltar” Who doesn’t remember this guy?


Visit the home of where Poker was made famous 

IMG_3181 IMG_3183

Witness the Largest Chocolate Fountain in the World at the Bellagio 

IMG_3157 IMG_3158

Experience the Beautiful Dancing Waters to a Melodic Italian Love Song at the Bellagio 

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 7.21.36 PM

Selfied with a Million Dollars at Binions


Relax by the Mermaid Tank at the Silverton.

IMG_3202Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 9.56.46 AMIMG_3203

And of course, eat at A LOT of buffets. Too many pictures to take of all my plates but this would be my first of the whole weekend. 

IMG_3106 IMG_3107

For more pictures of my vegas trip: Flickr 

During my visit, I was only able to check off 4/5 things to do in Vegas. In process of trying to complete my list, I realized that sometimes the unplanned activities were the most fun! I had no idea that were was a TON of things to do in Vegas other than just gambling! So I started to make yet another list of to do when I get to visit this place again.

List of things to do in Vegas next time:

  1. Complete my first list of Vegas.
  2. Zipline in downtown Las Vegas “Slotzilla”
  3. Take a picture of a piece of the Berlin Wall in the men’s restroom
  4. Selfie with the famous Vegas Sign.
  5. Ride any roller coaster that’s on the strip.
  6. Buy a pastry at Cake Boss restaurant.

Until next time Vegas!


Making my to do list for Las Vegas, Nevada

The Beginning to a New Path in Life: Travel and Discovery 

“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” — Lao Tzu

As I’m preparing for a family trip to Las Vegas, I wonder if I could hit a few places on the “1,000 Places To See In the United States & Canada Before You Die”

Places to visit:

  • The Four Queens of Las Vegas
    • Bellagio, Wynn, Las Vegas, Caesars Palace
  • Cirque du Soleil
  • Dining in Las Vegas
  • Las Vegas Culture
  • The Las Vegas Strip

Just only missing a few more places to complete the Nevada section check off. I’ll have to complete those trips with my life partner, James, at a later time. But until then, I’ll be at the starting point to a path with new adventures that I’ve been wanting all my life to come to fruition, travel and discovery. Although my trip may be short and to a place where I’ve been before, It will be different this time around. My mind, eyes, ears, fingers, and heart will be like discovering it for the first time in a long time.

I can’t wait to be surrounded by lively people, thunderous music, dancing waters, and sparkling fluorescent lights.

Viva Las Vegas!